Big Analytixs Market Intelligence Module Cloud Pricing

Deliver differentiation to your business through advanced data visualization, low latency market monitoring while helping you stay updated with market structure changes


Predefined ISO data model complete with updated market structure changes, intra and inter market correlations 


Business measures cover load (forecast,estimated, metered, actual), generation, LMP (Energy, price, congestion), Outages, Weather, Dispatch rates.   


The predefined algorithms include discovering natural arbitrages market wide, correlating in house ISO positions to ISO data for effective monitoring, predictive insights into weather, price and load movements 


  • $ 3,500 per month not including initial set up and configuration fees

  • Initial set up and configuration billed at $90 per hour 

  • Additional Analysis User Subscriptions at $99 per user per month


Infrastructure support level:
Escalation and Resolution in 4 hours
Product Module support level:
Escalation and Resolution in 8 hours
User Training: Included in initial set up and configuration pricing


  • Rolling two year history

  • Hierarchical slicing and dicing/drill through analysis across all market levels

  • Advanced and Predictive Analytics for 10 measures correlating ISO data and In House Data

  • 120,000 Analysis Sessions a Year, 
    10,000 Analysis Sessions a Month

  • Secure data pipelines with predefined connectors to ISOs, auditable real time or batch data workloads with monitoring in real times with the ability to restart fresh or restart from fail