Big Analytixs Risk Cloud Pricing

Manage your Market Risk, Credit Risk, Position, P&L, Curves and Market Data across all commodities


38 Business entities come predefined in the data model. The list of business entities include chart of account,
accounting designation,
accounting adjustment and assumption
,revenue and expense allocation,physical and financial asset,book and book group,commodity grade and group,currency,counter party, curve, accounting/financial/market/seasonal/delivery calendar,
,fee, trade type/instrument , location (price, basis, delivery/storage), risk (type, input, scenario and definition), strategy, trader, unit of measure, unit of measure conversion factor (Market Price Based, Heat Rate Based, Asset Efficiency Based etc)


42 Business measures comes predefined in the data model. The list of business measures include Physical/Financial Forward Position, MTM P&L, Fees, Budget, Prices, Forecast Generation/Load, AR, AP, Market risk, Credit Risk, Supply Optimization   


The predefined algorithms include Position Calculation, Equivalent Position Conversion, PL Attribution, VaR Calculation, Credit Risk Calculation, PE/PFE, Downgrade Scenarios, Probability of Default, Credit Reserves, Scenario Modeling and Load Forecast   


  • $ 5,000 per month not including initial set up and configuration fees

  • Initial set up and configuration billed at $90 per hour 

  • Additional Analysis User Subscriptions at $99 per user per month


Infrastructure support level:
Escalation and Resolution in 4 hours
Product Module support level:
Escalation and Resolution in 8 hours
User Training: Included in initial set up and configuration pricing


  • 10 Million Transactions a Day, 300 Million Transactions a Month

  • Hierarchical slicing and dicing/drill through analysis across 38 Business Entities ,Advanced and Predictive Analytics for 42 measures

  • 120,000 Analysis Sessions a Year, 
    10,000 Analysis Sessions a Month

  • 100 GB per Month, 
    1.2 TB per Year, 
    100 GB of Read Operations a Month, 
    100 GB of Write Operations a Month

  • Secure data pipelines with predefined connectors for your sources, auditable real time or batch data workloads with monitoring in real times with the ability to restart fresh or restart from fail