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Financial Module

Accurate back office information is key to gain near real time visibility into financial risk, manage margins and optimize business performance. The Big Analytixs' Financial Module provides a comprehensive, integrated view of all accounting and financial data in one place. The Financial Module allows back office to capture, validate and report financial information across the life cycle from deal capture to settlement while delivering the capabilities of daily p&l, gross margin analysis and cash flow forecasting. The Financial Module helps minimize settlement/accounting reconciliation over trade life cycle leading to accurate business analysis, margin explanation and revenue optimization.

  • Provides an integrated view of global profitability.
  • Helps minimize settlement/accounting reconciliation over business life cycle leading to accurate analysis, margin explanation, revenue optimization and period close process efficiencies.
  • Helps do daily P&L, compare forecast/MTM vs. actual, fine grain assumptions, make verifiable adjustments at the sub ledger level while interface with the financial systems at the ledger level.
  • Use customizable algorithms to accurately predict gross margins and cash flows.
  • Delivers a single source of real time cross commodity position, P&L and financial reporting, decision support and self service business intelligence across all lines of business.
  • Efficient integration into ledger systems.
  • Business rules to map transactions to sub ledger, balance sheet and income statement nodes.
  • Minimize/eliminate reconciliation between unrealized and realized.
  • Allows your analysts, accountants and managers to spend more time analyzing financials than gathering and cleansing the data.
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