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Supply Optimization Module

  • Models your supply, transport, burn and emissions in a single repository down to individual fuel grades.
  • Business analytics to correlate supply position, transport logistics, burn mix and emissions.
  • Advanced and predictive analytics to evaluate procurement responses and decision making.
  • In built market intelligence to discover efficient sourcing mechanisms.
  • Efficiently manage performance risk across supply and transport function.
  • A single source of historic and real time fuel position reporting, inventory tracking, decision support and self-service business intelligence.
  • Benchmark your fuel supply and burn  against wider market by comparing your supplier profiles against historic database of supplier performance.
  • Significantly reduce your procurement cycles.
  • Optimize your fuel budget resulting in significant cost savings.

Fuels are the largest direct cost in generating electricity. The complexity of variable costs and emissions complicates fuel origination, supply, inventory and burn management. Lack of accurate and real time analytics inhibit in determining which fuel to use during which time periods to meet changing market needs,  effectively manage fuel inventories and logistics. Reducing fuel costs by a fraction can result in significant savings over time for a fuel‐intensive business. Big Analytixs Supply Optimization Module generates advanced and predictive analytics for origination, procurement, logistics and plant operations to align key business strategy with KPIs of fuel mixes around heat-sulphur-ash-mercury content, MMBtu equivalent, origination cost, transportation cost, burn efficiency, environment cost and inventory levels.

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