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Revenue Assurance Module

Big Analytixs’ Revenue Assurance Module provides fine grained advanced and predictive insights across usage, charges, payments, aging and financial transactions in regulated and deregulated markets across all metered and non metered services that utilities provide. Revenue Assurance Module helps utilities maximize revenue from current operations, address credit, collections and bad debt risk, while providing sampled-based billing analytics to reduce billing errors.

  • Streaming usage for metered and non metered services
  • Up to date charges and payments on as needed and on demand basis
  • Near real time aging
  • Near real time financial transactions summary
  • Near real time view of credit, collections and bad debt 
  • Integrate customer interactions across voice, social media and email
  • Optimize margin improvements through predictive and advanced insights in reducing bad debt
  • Enhance collections through efficient customer segmentation by combining structured, semi structured and unstructured data
  • Low latency monitoring of meter to cash process in near real time to proactively react to margin and revenue erosion 
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