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PJM ISO Day Ahead/Real Time Energy and Congestion Deviation Analytics Demonstration


The demonstration below is PJM ISO DA and RT Energy and Congestion Deviation Insights that displays arbitrages for energy and congestion at all levels of markets and all individual locations using the Market Intelligence Module.


What Commodities are covered in this demo? Day Ahead Energy, Real Time Energy, Day Ahead Congestion and Real Time Congestion

What Entities can I use to slice and dice and do drill through analysis to get descriptive, diagnostics advanced and predictive analytics? LMP Month, LMP Year, LMP Date, LMP Day of Week, LMP Hour of Day, LMP Week of Year, LMP Day of Month, Hour Peakness, Day Peakness, Location Type (Hub, Zone, Aggregate, Interface, EHVs) , Named Locations, Day Ahead Energy Gains, Day Ahead Energy Loss, Real Time Energy Gains, Real Time Energy Loss, Day Ahead Congestion Revenue, Day Ahead Congestion Expense, Real Time Congestion Revenue and Real Time Congestion Expense

What measure can I use to slice and dice and do drill through analysis to get descriptive, diagnostics, advanced and predictive analytics? Day Ahead LMP, Day Ahead Energy, Day Ahead Congestion, Day Ahead Loss, Real Time ​Energy, Real Time Congestion, Real Time Loss, LMP Deviation, Energy Deviation, Congestion Deviation and Loss Deviation

Can I use my data instead to test drive Big Analytixs platform? Yes we will help you set up a no obligation complimentary trial. Click here to get started

How configurable are the data pipelines and workloads? The platform comes packaged with predefined extractors for all types of sources.​

Please click here to learn more about the Market Intelligence Module

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