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Risk Module

Commodity markets are getting sophisticated and capital intensive requiring robust risk analytics and reporting while demanding transparency across commodities, asset class, interest rate and currency exposures. The Risk Module offers a cross asset, cross commodity, integrated position, p&l, and risk platform for physical and financial transactions that provides near real time business intelligence and decision support for complex trading decisions and associated risk information.  The risk module helps organization reduce uncertainty and exposure in this volatile environment.

  • Correlates mitigated MTM P&L loss to net margins and additional credit utilization to gross margins.
  • Provides descriptive, diagnostics, predictive and advanced analytics around MTM P&L, Unrealized Position, @Risk Scenarios, PE/PFE, Downgrade Scenarios, Probability of Default, Credit Reserves.
  • Supports market driven growth, ability to respond to changing economic (internal and market facing) conditions and ensure predictable gross margins and earnings.
  • Helps clients gain enterprise efficiencies by providing instant access to integrated view of risk to business stakeholders.
  • Delivers a single source of real time cross commodity position, P&L and risk reporting, decision support and self service business intelligence across all lines of business.
  • In Memory Analytics for Market Risk, Credit Risk, Surveillance and Compliance updated throughout the Trading day thereby eliminating constraints associated with overnight batch runs.
  • Inbuilt audit and error tracking mechanism significantly improves speed, accuracy and timeliness of regulatory reporting.
  • Allows your analysts, accountants and managers to spend more time analyzing insights than gathering data.
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