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Sentiment Survey & Analysis Module

Big Analytixs’ Sentiment Survey and Analysis Module is a secure multi-channel survey management capabilities that allow organizations to cost-effectively gather feedback about the quality, precision and performance of their products, services and customer interactions. Through the application of advanced and predictive algorithms, this module provides deep and actionable insights that allows all levels of management to cost-effectively monitor, report, and analyze volumes of quantitative and qualitative customer experience data on the company, brand, products, employees, and partners

  • For User Administration – Access, Roles, Privileges and User Life Cycle Management
  • For Survey Administration – Creation, Approval, Initiation/Release, Activation/Deactivation and Archive
  • For Survey Results  – Off line and online views of Pre-defined dashboards, reports and visualizations
  • For Survey Analysis – Configuration and Management of key sentiment definitions, key word list, scoring mechanisms and algorithms
  • Accurately measure and monitor customer satisfaction
  • Qualitatively analyze reasons for dissatisfied customers
  • Detect and re-mediate dissatisfying experiences earlier in the customer cycle
  • Deep customer survey and sentiment analysis powered by customized sentiment rating options and algorithms
  • Customized, multi-channel sentiment survey capabilities across IVR, SMS, and email channels
  • Customized reporting and dissatisfaction alerting processes
  • Hierarchical management of survey result across divisions, functions, locations, management levels and by individual employee 
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